Doing Business with LA County
Depending on the value of purchases and contracts,  policies differ regarding the method of purchase and the level of approval needed.  Items under $1,500, for example, require no competitive bidding, while purchases over $100,000 generally must be approved by the Board of Supervisors. The County also develops non-exclusive negotiated agreements that enable County departments to take advantage of opportunities to acquire supplies, materials, equipment and value-added services at prices that are substantially lower than through other procurement methods.


Vendors Have Online Access
Vendors can register online to see open bids, be placed on bid lists and be notified by e-mail of county bids.

Liability Insurance for Contractors
The County has established a program to assist contractors deemed qualified by departments to provide services, but who are unable to obtain or afford County-required liability insurance coverage. General contractors, consultants, subcontractors and tenants can be covered.

Vendor Workshops
Learn the procurement processes with County and federal agencies by attending a seminar sponsored by the County Offices of Small Business. Classes are scheduled throughout 2010.

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Did You Know?
  • There are 37 County departments.
  • The County requires its vendors and contractors to be in compliance with child, family and spousal support obligations.
  • The County has a Living Wage requirement for contractors.
  • County contractors must provide employees with paid jury service.
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