Elected Officials

Besides the five members of the Board of Supervisors, the assessor, district attorney and sheriff are elected county officials. Unlike the supervisors, who are selected by the residents of their respective districts, the other three officials are elected by all voters. Only the supervisors have term limits. Members of the 88 city councils in the County are elected by residents of their communities. Supervisors act as the "city council" in unincorporated areas.


City or Unincorporated Area? City or Unincorporated Area?
Not sure if you live in a city or an unincorporated area? Even if your mailing address has a city, you may live outside its boundaries. By putting in a street address, you can find out what political districts represent that area and whether the area is unincorporated or in a city.

Campaign Finance Reports
Up-to-date campaign finance activity reports are available online for the Board of Supervisors, Assessor, District Attorney, Sheriff and Countywide measures. Users may search by election, candidate, committee or measure.

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Did You Know?
  • There are separate governing boards for air quality, water, sanitation, and transportation.
  • There are four elected county offices: supervisor, assessor, district attorney, sheriff.
  • There are 88 city councils.
  • There are 80 boards of education for elementary and secondary levels.
  • Superior Court judges are elected by county voters, but are state officials.
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