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Public safety is seen by some as the most important role of local government. In the County this includes providing sheriff and fire services to all the unincorporated areas and many of the cities; protecting beachgoers; rescuing stranded and lost hikers, traffic accident victims, persons who have fallen into flood control channels; treating medical emergencies; and prosecuting, defending and sentencing those charged with crimes.


Specific Needs Awareness Planning (S.N.A.P.)
To better prepare County residents for these and other types of disasters, the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) announces the launch of the Specific Needs Awareness Planning (S.N.A.P.) voluntary disaster registry.
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Crime Continues to Decline
Crime continued to decline during the first six months of 2010 in communities policed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. Homicides were down 17.14 percent, reported violent crime decreased 3.81 percent and serious property crimes 4.73 percent.

Emergency Survival Guide Now Available Emergency Survival Guide Now Available
The County has issued a comprehensive guide to emergency preparedness to help residents better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters that affect the region. The goal is to provide tips that will assist residents become self-sufficient after a disaster.
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Rewards Offered Through Crime Stoppers Program
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is partnering with the national Crime Stoppers program to encourage the public to provide information about crime. The program offers $1,000 rewards to people who provide information leading to the arrest of criminals. Tips may be made anonymously.
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Alert LA County
Los Angeles County is implementing an emergency mass notification system that will be used to contact County residents and businesses via recorded phone messages, text messages and e-mail in case of emergency. For more information and to register your cell phone number, Voice over IP number, and e-mail address, please click the link below.
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Did You Know?
  • There were 80,757 known gang members in L.A. County in 2007, half of them in the City of Los Angeles, which counted 700+ gangs.
  • The movie "Gridiron Gang" starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was based on real-life efforts of county probation officers at Camp Kilpatrick in Malibu.
  • The jails house the largest psychiatric population in nation.
  • The Sheriff's Department provides services to nine community colleges, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, and 618 courtrooms in 48 Superior Courts.
  • The Sheriff's Department provides services to 2.7 million residents in unincorporated areas and 40 contract cities.
  • The Sheriff's Department is the largest sheriff's department in the world, with more than 17,000 employees.
  • The Sheriff's Department houses 19,000 inmates in eight jails.
  • The Public Defender's Office is the nation's oldest and largest such agency.
  • The District's Attorney's Office is the largest local prosecution agency in the nation.
  • The County Fire Department provides services to nearly 4 million residents in 58 cities and unincorporated areas.
  • Sheriff's deputies deal with nearly 100 cultures and languages on a day-to-day basis.
  • Nearly 20 percent of the jail inmates are mentally ill and homeless.
  • Deputy Bert, a camel, is an official reserve deputy for the Sheriff's Department.
  • Actor Lou "The Hulk" Ferrigno is a reserve sheriff deputy.
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