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The County operates on a fiscal year, which begins July 1 and ends June 30 of the following year. The  2011-12 recommended budget is $23.303 billion. The Chief Executive Office presents a recommended budget to the Board of Supervisors in April and the Board adopts the budget in June after holding public hearings. After the books are closed June 30, the Auditor-Controller's Office calculates total expenditures and income for that year and the Board makes changes to the new budget based on those numbers. This is called the final adopted  budget and is generally adopted in September or October.


Department of Auditor Controller
Here you will find various reports and documents relating to the work that the Auditor-Controller performs.

Financial Reports
Persons interested in the County's financial condition may access audited financial statements, budget information, and reports on cash management, debt management, investments, special districts and Mello-Roos and County improvement districts on the Office of Public Finance, Treasurer and Tax Collector website.

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Did You Know?
  • Twenty-two percent of the County's revenues are from the state and 22 percent from the federal government.
  • Twenty-six percent of the County budget goes for social services.
  • The proposed County budget goes to the Board of Supervisors in April; the Board generally adopts the budget in June.
  • The largest percent of the County budget (27 percent) goes for health services.
  • The County spends 26 percent of its budget on public protection.
  • The County operates on a fiscal year that begins July 1.
  • The 2010-11 County budget is $24.2 billion.
  • Property tax provides 19 percent of the County's revenues.
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