Guides to County Services
A number of documents and websites assist the public in identifying available County services and how to access those services. Among these documents are the Citizens Guide to Services, the online Directory of Services and Information, and the online Quick Reference Guide. One provides comprehensive information, one links to websites and one has phone numbers only – each is designed for different audiences.


Citizens Guide to Services
Copies of the Citizens Guide to Services is available at the Public Information Office. The book is free, but postage is required if mailed. The book is also available online.

Guides to County Services Links
Did You Know?
  • There are approximately 2.7 million and outpatient and 270,000 emergency room visits at County facilities annually.
  • Child support services are provided annually to approximately 500,000 families.
  • More than 2.2 million meals are provided annually to older residents.
  • The County provides ocean lifeguard rescue and beach maintenance services to protect an estimated 55 million beach visitors.
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